Should You Host Your Blog Using Shared Hosting?

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Does HostGator Offer Free SSL?

If you’re looking for a way to secure your website and keep your customers’ data safe, you’ll want to use an SSL certificate. SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, and it’s a security protocol that provides a layer of protection for online communications. HostGator offers free SSL certificates to their customers, and in this […]

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How Much Storage Is Required For A News Website?

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How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Earn Additional Revenue With Reseller Web Hosting

Want to add a new revenue stream to your digital marketing agency’s operations? Look no further than reseller web hosting. According to WebsiteSetup, it’s used by over 13 percent of all websites. Reseller web hosting, in fact, is more common than traditional virtual private server (VPS) web hosting, which is used by just 10 percent […]

4 Reasons You Need a Self-Hosted Website

One of the most important decisions to make when starting a website is whether it will be hosted or self-hosted. Hosted platforms, such as, Blogger, Medium, Squarespace, and more provide hosting services for your website. These companies manage all the technical aspects of running a website and store your content and files on a […]